I have always loved drawing and I was fascinated by the work of various artists.

After 4 years learning industrial design in perspective and with a BTS in my pocket I returned directly to work to work in a design office.

Meanwhile I continued to draw because I was passionate about the worlds of fantasy, science fiction and fantasy ...

Self-taught, I created a book of illustrations in these areas by working with various techniques (oil painting, acrylic, gouache, watercolor, pastel, charcoal, black chalk, airbrush ...).

I abandoned the industrial design to work with my book as a freelance which allowed me to enter the world of video games as a concept artist, to illustrate several board games and role plays .

I also learned the technique of modeling and I realized among others about fifteen reproductions in small sizes of busts of the great authors being at the Comédie Française.
I also trained in digital drawing.

Since 2003 I am represented by an agent in the field of rough, storybard and illustrations
for the advertising industry but I continue to illustrate for orders as well as for personal work.