My creative journey so far has been one full of accomplishments that I am proud of. From having my artwork displayed in a gallery, to winning awards, my artwork has always spoken about what is on my mind and takes people on a journey of their own.

Even though I am an artist that creates surreal and abstract worlds that bring my imagination to life in new and creative ways, there was a time I had no creativity and was even fearful of my own shadow.
My artistic pursuits started at a young age when dreaming of creating worlds and realities of my own.

When I discovered digital art I was given the tools to turn my childhood dreams into a reality, but all that ended when I turned to drugs at the age of 16, which inevitably spiralled me down the wrong path.

In my darkest hour I was lost and was diagnosed with schizophrenia at 18. Terribly frighted of the world, it wasn’t until my Uncle gave me a job at his glass studio that I found a slither of hope. I became an assistant glass blower learning a 2000 year old craft and finally found myself developing my passion for art again.

Feeling the need to fill my excitement, I decided to return to my fascination of creating digital art, learning the ropes on Photoshop, 3Ds Max and Bryce to express my creativity and find peace in my world.

I believe each of my creations is a hyper reality, a surreal place to lose myself.

I hope my art inspires others and brings more colour and joy to their world...