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- I won't often *reject* offers, because some collectors experience that as rather demotivating
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Analog artist gone digital.

I've been drawing, painting and photographing for over 40 years - so I'm one of the elderly here! A few years ago people started asking me where they could buy my work. That's when I realized I had the opportunity for a totally new career. I decided to take the plunge.

Digital technology is creating a new and exciting direction in art. I decided to dedicate myself fully to this new way of expressing.

Most of my work hybrid. It's created using a combination of several analog or digital technologies, like acrylic and digital painting, photography, and vector illustrations.

Some of my work is created digitally and meant to be digital. It is meant to be viewed online, on a screen. It's just a virtual image, an illusion if you like.

Other works are created to be printed on paper or other media. I love vectorized illustrations for that purpose. They can be scaled to be reproduced on large sizes without any loss of quality.

Always looking for different ways to get there!