1980 born in Argentina

Self-taught artist deeply in love with art. Always experimenting and exploring like an alien newcomer to this planet.

I've been making art for as long as I can remember and I continue using traditional art media to this day. About digital techniques, I 've been doing it for 11 years, learning by myself and dedicating thousands of hours and enjoying each one. I found in digital art a perfect way of expression using everything I do: self-portraits, different painting and drawing techniques, different photography types and techniques and self-knowledge and spirituality.
Thanks to digital art, I was invited to participate in many exhibitions around the world like Italy, Spain, Egypt, France, Monaco, United Kingdom, Greece, Sweden, North America, Mexico and Argentina. I've also been a jury guest for an important photography contest and I've been interviewed by different platforms and magazines about my photography and digital art.
But the most important thing to me is creation, making true artworks. And that's what I do!

Thank you for the interest and for visiting this gallery. I hope you enjoy it!

Art is pure magic ♥ Bárbara Bezina