Modernist cryptoartist. I sing of humanities & digital machines. I transmute reality into visionary art with my magic mirror.

I have been around, operating online only (or almost) since 2006, mostly doing art for art's sake, as a natural urge. I have only recently started to look into exhibiting and selling.

Most of my visual works consist in blending ordinary pictures in wild ways, without any hand drawing involved, creating with reality as we see it a new reality of psychic and archetypal nature.

I have an inclination for conceptual and performance art as I like to provide experiences that can challenge conventional thinking. My monolith, combining my 2kTenCom and my MonaLisa (see above), is an example of installation I'd like to bring to the world (initially in VR).

Visual art is just part of my craft, I am also a "very late beat poet" and an intuitive healer who has been trained in qi gong, reiki, shamanism, hypnotherapy (including past life regression and spirit release) and NLP.

I belong to a rare breed of artists who are also healers (or try to be such). A main source of inspiration, wisdom, and courage for me is Alejandro Jodorowsky. I also read tarot in his style, with his Marseille deck, but I am still very far from his mastery!