Some of our works are strictly abstract, while others merge with the figurative. For the abstract elements, we use epoxy resin in which we have diluted fluid pigments. We love this technique because it forces us to adapt to the vagaries of this viscous material. This loss of control frees us from pre-established conventions and from performance anxiety. The emancipated movement found in the play of colours is of great aesthetic quality.

In addition, we have created some paintings in collaboration with different visual artists. We had the chance to work with painters, 3D artists and photographers from here (Canada) and elsewhere. Artists such as : Dirty Robot, Mc Monster, Archan Nair, Aeforia, Nikolas Tower, ANIMVS, Jf Lemay and others. The exchange of ideas and the mixture of styles give the paintings a unique dimension. The visual artists community always showed openness to our artistic endeavor and we are very thankful.