Austin Wilde

BADMEANiNGOOD Crew - with original artwork by Banksy

The BADMEANiNGOOD Crew were a gang of four mixtapes that troubled the speakers of a thousand sound-systems from 2001-2003. They were compiled and mixed by key figures in the turntablist and hip-hop movements from both sides of the Atlantic. And featured seismic songs that paved the way for jungle, dubstep and grime - alongside stone-cold classics and super-rare, esoteric breaks.

Famously, the original artwork was provided by Banksy, who’s first manager shared an office with BADMEANiNGOOD bossman Austin Wilde. Learn More



In the early 2000s, ex-graffiti artist and indie label owner Austin Wilde ran a label that released cult classic compilation albums, including a hip-hop-inspired series called BADMEANiNGOOD, for which he commissioned a then-little-known graffiti artist named Banksy to produce four album covers and posters, and an additional 12" sleeve for the 2002–2003 releases.

Since the launch of the BADMEANiNGOOD mixtape series, twenty-something years have passed — and they have now become cult collectors’ items around the world. And in the world of music and rare records, "cult collector’s items" is very much a synonym for "lost a shitload of money when it was first released," and that, fly girls and homeboys, is very much the case with BADMEANiNGOOD.

MakersPlace will release several iterations of Wilde’s compilation series featuring Banksy’s designs. This first Drop features 5 unique (1/1) NFT’s: an animated Vinyl Remix Record NFT and 4 Poster NFT’s. Both Austin Wilde and MakersPlace will donate 10% of their sales proceeds to M.O.A.S Mission Ukraine - an N.G.O that brings medical aid and evacuations to civilians.

Collector Rewards

The winning bidder of the Vinyl NFT will also receive the physical Vinyl 12” Remix record, an O.G sticker, and second edition 50x70cm Roots Manuva poster stamped and signed by Wilde.

Buyers of the poster NFT’s will also receive an extremely rare 60x40 inch “blueback” poster as a physical redeemable, the largest poster available on the open market.


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