CRIPTOARTE 131313 - Finale

Antonio García Villarán is an artist, educator, Arts Academy-founder, writer and one of the most recognizable art influencers within the Spanish speaking world.

Villarán has not only become a successful painter, but also a driving force of the Fine Arts world by dissecting and challenging, to many, the untouchable world of Arts. He is known for coining the term "Hamparte", which is being taught in many schools, art institutes and academies that are embracing it as a game changing concept. He was the first ever Spanish language scholar to be commissioned by Google Arts & Culture, as well as a plethora of publications, radio stations, and television services.

Villarán has practiced and studied fine art extensively his entire life, and aside from starting his own Art Academy, has art and art theory to communities all over the world everywhere, from fine art academies to prisons and homes for disadvantaged youth. Antonio García Villarán lives and breathes Art in all forms. Learn More



A community dictated challenge "Criptoarte 131313” comprises of 13 artworks with 13 numbered copies for each one.

Each artwork has been created during a live creation session in Villarán's Twitch and Instagram channels with the outcome of the creation being determined by every 13 words chosen by the global community.

Important Pricing Details:
$13 - Editions #1 - 3
$313 - Editions #4 - 11
$1313 - Edition #12
Last edition will be auctioned


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