*Brief bio*
Antonio García Villarán (1976) is an artist based in Seville, Spain who got his "Cum Laude" PhD. in Fine Arts from University of Seville. By that time, and right after his early graduation in two majors (painting and sculpting), he became part of the faculty for the next 6 years. As student, he was allowed to partake into exhibitions reserved only for graduates, where all his artworks used to sell out. There are sculptures by Antonio in public plazas across several towns of Andalusia.
Right after his life in the university, he founded his own academy (more on that down below.) His background as an artist goes from long ago, starting in the dawn of his teenage years, when at the age of 13 got into Reina´s Academy of Arts (only for adults by then) when he started his career up until today when he has become not just a successful painter, but also a driving force of Fine Arts by popularising and challenging, to many, the untouchable world of Arts.
Apart from teaching at his academy (CREA 13, since 2000) and previously at University of Seville as said, he gained a unique experience by teaching Arts to jail inmates of Sevilla II Penitentiary Centre and later on to children at high risk of social exclusion for several years. Antonio got also a huge inspiration from his long trips to India which can be reflected in some of his current collections for sale.

As a popular art influencer (maybe the most recognisable one within the Spanish speaking world) he has been reached out and collaborated with many institutions all over the spectrum. His coined term "Hamparte" is already being taught in many schools, art institutes and academies that are embracing it as a game changing concept.
Banks, Movistar+ (Telefonica´s mobile and cable tv service), Google (thru Google Arts & Culture; being the first in Spanish language hired by them), online and paper press, radio stations, events and of course super popular YouTubers have had him in their shows or hired him by now. A tv show will likely come too, by the way (in talks.)

His community is pretty awesomely engaged with him. YouTube has him within their YouTube Creator Program for preferred creators from the very onset of his YT channel some years ago when he jumped in into the platform. It is just not about the numbers, but about the love he receives every single day. That´s something remarkable. You can tell by reading or going thru the comment section of each video he uploads or even along his posts, instastories he does in Instagram; not to mention the myriad of emails he receives daily from fans, followers and fellow artists.

This is only a sneak peak of Antonio´s life as a person and artist since he has dedicated (and will to the end!) his life to Arts.