To me, merging the digital and the natural has been an expected journey. My digital/ nature works are taking shape as they live together. I really do nothing in this sense, I am not forcing any kind of relationship among them, I just let these relationships show up, when some areas common to both of them arise. I have come to realize that even though the world needs to label whatever is out there, I do not need to put myself into a box. I do not need to do what I am supposed to. This would be just too boring.
After studying and working in the realm of virtual reality, I then needed to comprehend its counterpart - physical reality, and I came across the same layering system I found in computers. Learning the practicalities of different fields has helped me broaden my understanding of the relationships between reality and digital media while adding a pragmatic perspective to the theory.
My several degrees gave me ideas of how art, technology, and space intertwine within a social context. I have come to realize just how closely related all these areas are, not just physically, but also conceptually, historically and sociologically. They have influenced my way of creating, due to a contact with other kinds of creation that have to respond to someone else’s needs or wishes (an individual, a community, a family…) So, in-depth knowledge has influenced my art practices. On the other hand, both my work as an artist and my activity as a researcher have reached a stage where they rely upon each other, so that the former could not exist without the latter and vice-versa.
I see that both technologies and nature are two parts of the same reality. They are present in the everyday life, and even though sometimes they seem to be so far away from each other they are really close together, and have many common layers underneath, even those that are sometimes unseen.