Full time fine and digital artist living in Albuquerque New Mexico. Queer, Non Binary, step dad, partner, enjoying my day to day work life. I work full time in my new gallery/studio space called A. Hurd Studio.

I grew up in Kansas City Missouri, lives in LA for ten years, was a partner and VP of creative in a couple design firms (Exopolis and E.G.G.) and then freelanced for 14 years in advertising doing concept and branding work primarily. I had been painting and doing my art on the side for 10 years prior to moving into doing this full time. Having shown in various places around the world, but primarily in LA, SF, Denver, and NY, I am now preparing for my first solo show in London this October.

My work had changed dramatically over the years but the underlining drive of it is to express life's experiences through various visual forms. Lately my work has been majorly focused on identity. What we cling onto, how we express ourselves, what happens when we lose ourselves due to relationships ending, life happening, the shifts we find along the way. The process of finding and losing ourselves repeatedly. It's all a part of the journey.