Peter Mohrbacher is a surrealist fantasy artist based in Florida who is best known for his Angelarium artworks —  wondrous interpretations of angels from various mythologies and cultures.

If you are a fan of Magic: The Gathering you’ve likely heard of Mohrbacher, whose artwork has been showcased throughout various collections, most notably the Return to Ravnica and Theros sets.
Mohrbacher is a trail-blazer as an indie artist in the illustration world. He has been creating digital art for over 20 years, predating the actual introduction of paint tools within programs like Photoshop. His style is vivid and fantastical — It transports us to beautiful, mythological worlds full of color and delicately depicted characters. Learn More


Open Limited Editions

For the first time ever, Mohrbacher will be releasing his origin story – The Angelarium Emanations that started it all. Inspired by the ancient teachings of Kabbalah, this is a complete collection of the ten Emanations of Ein Sof.

These giants represent the essential aspects of the human experience. Each one of them like a different ray of colored light split from a prism. In the Angelarium mythology, their unified form is depicted as a great tree floating among the clouds. The throne of existence.

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Available for 20 mins only, opening 4/5 @ 3pm PST

There are 3 tiers to this collection. Collecting each tier unlocks a special edition $1 artwork, and collecting the full collection unlocks a rare $1 artwork along with a physical token, created by Mohrbacher.

Tier #1 - $999
Hasmed – $1 (unlocked once all Tier #1 artworks are collected, limited one / customer)

Tier #2 - $749
Zachriel – $1 (unlocked once all Tier #2 artworks are collected, limited one / customer)

Tier #3 - $499
Israfel – $1 (unlocked once all Tier #3 artworks are collected, limited one / customer)

Tree of Life - Complete Collection - $1
Unlocked once the full collection is collected


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