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This Drop Has Ended
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Open Limited Edition: This is a limited edition artwork, where the total # of editions will be determined by the total editions purchased during the Drop.

This image format is a type of spherical projection that can be mapped onto a standard sphere skybox in any number of 3D world engines such as Unreal or Unity. Viewable on any platform that accepts equirectangular images.

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* It will take 24 to 48 hours after the Drop ends to receive your artwork
* The time window may be extended in the event of major unforeseen interruptions

Creator: Andrew Jones
Editions: 22

Just as water changes into steam
And ice into gas and solids
And yet remains water,
So does consciousness undergo
Transition into many forms.

You are one of those forms and yet you
Are also
The formless unchanging primeval waters
Of consciousness.

Christopher Hills

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