I'm a multifaceted and multidisciplinary artist based on the southern coast of Spain with more than 30 years of experience mainly in the world of advertising, as an art director, illustrator, graphic designer, 3D digital artist, video and VFX editor, animator and amateur photographer.

I have always been a fervent defender of digital art as a means of artistic expression, which led me to promote and create the 1st great Digital Art Exhibition held in Spain in which digital artists of recognized international prestige participated, exhibiting their work on media large physicals to publicize their works as well as the complex processes and techniques used to achieve the exhibited pieces, with the sole objective of giving visibility and recognition to the incredible and fascinating work of digital artists.

Currently I'm creating and adapting part of my works as NFT, in another step to dignify and give value to digital art.

Welcome to my makersplace space, I hope you like it.
Rock on!

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