Andreas Lilja x marE x Greg Fiut x Hair of Medusa x Jung x Nika Danny

Remembrance of a Withered Love

Six cryptoart pioneers and early enablers of the NFT art scene join forces to present to you a collaboration like no other. A great variety of style and subject matter, from painted portraits to digital landscapes, combined to tell a sobering story of unrequited love. Presented by Andreas Lilja, marE, Greg Fiut, Hair of Medusa, Jung and Nika Danny.

This is truly a unique piece of Art, from the very first sketches, through the challenge to unite five unique styles to make them work as one united scenery but still carefully preserving and showing each one of them as they shine through as small scenes in the big picture Learn More



This project started over a year ago, and there’s well over hundred hours of
creativity creation put into it. Its a combination of artists, each with their own unique and distinctive style and way of expression. While carefully preserving each artist unique style they have been forged into this amazing collaborative Artwork.

We are artists.. we express our feelings, and our life through our art, to us, this Artwork is not as much something we wanted to do, as much as it is something we just had to do, once again... the need to express our live through art is our way of living our life.

So.. as we let the fruit of our combined creativity pass on we also realize that to put a price on this creation would be impossible, as to us.. it’s priceless.. We leave that to our audience, and rest comfortably in our belief that the ones that see its true value will make an offer that equals its unique being, and will care for it with the respect as so much deserves.

Collector Bonuses

The winning collector will be gifted each of the 5 individual artworks that make up the collaboration. The works are:
Of be...
Daemon of love
Empty Room
Poisoned feelings


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