Andreas is an experimental artist who,
based on his photographic background,
experiments with color, shape, sound and

He is well known for his many and highly
attentive collaborations that he has done
Together with many of the prominent artists
On the Cryptoart scene.

Andreas is always open to try new techniques
Ranging from everything from traditional
Analog technology to the latest in Artificial intelligence, As he is from the first generation that realised the power computer gaming and compiling in the age where computers entered the homes for the very first time, and grew up in the arcade halls of the early eighties, The world of digital creation runs in his blood.

The great breadth of his artistic work makes him a multi-artist, with constant surprises as the technology changes and varies.

In many of his works, the emotional shines through, and it fluctuates from paradisiacal scenes to the deepest dysanthropic black and anxiety-laden everything based on how his mood swings, from bright light to eternal black.