Born in Saltillocoahuila, he began working as a graphic designer in 2000 with his cousin Luis Arriola where he learned to use the adobe packages to go to the federal district where after 3 months of being a traditional animation diploma in plasmatics sa de Cv, course taught by guillermo sanchez loaeza, get work in anima studies where I work as animator of characters 2d for movies ocmo magicians and giants, feature film made by anmima studies after almost 30 years without having feature films of this kind in the Mexican and Latin American industry , Then I work as an animator in charge of the character Rovor in the movie magicians and giants to later have assigned the agent titufruti in the movie Agent 00p2, and ninth and gift belly in the first 2 seasons of the chavo of the 8 animated, in the inter tambien I work as an animator in the animated video of nalatial lafourcade which won in the screen of glass in the national cinema and as animator 2d in a music video for the masfaldas.
In 2008 also participated ocmo animator of characters in an animated short inhali.

In 2009 part of the city of Mexico to work in group W where I work as conceptual artist and animator 2d for projects like alter Machine, Deliver the Soul and Rexona clinical for Rexona merely and Bonafont.

Also I work in projects like freelancer for Larva games in which I was in charge of designing characters for video games, Mechem media and IDW games, as well as the animation of the credits of beginning of the Legend of the weeping as well as a short participation for the first Animated films by Don Gato produced by animaestudios.

From 2011 until the date work in we the force where he was in charge of the elaboration of funds, concept art and design of characters to later be in charge d ela direction and production of kim the avenger cow which is a video game platform for ps4 And steam which is planned to be completed and released in the middle of 2017. in february 2017 y went to halifax nova scotia to work at Coperniccus studios were i had the oportunity to work on Picckle and Peanut on retakes area, project by Disney XD, also had the oportunity to freelance for a SNL Mr pupkins animated shortfilm, and for BRON animation studios as comic illustrator for the animated movie the Henchmen, in 2018 i also had the oportunity to freelance for Flying Bark studios as inbetweener for the rise of the Ninja turtles and a few more projects for Mighty Studios, please take a look to my resume at IMDB .