Bast King started on the world stage where he created the Hip Hop Violin Duo called “Nuttin But Stringz” starting a trend that brought violin to the forefront of music. Bast travelled the world performing for Presidents, Kings and Noblemen/women alike, winning EMMY Awards and Winning finalist on America’s Got Talent.
His fall from the world stage happened overnight like a tale as old as time Bast was betrayed by greed and jealousy which took his brothers soul. The group disbanded leaving him with no income and $20,000/month worth of expenses. With no money to maintain his mortgage and lifestyle and no friends or family, he sold his house so as not to foreclose on his loan. Bast maintains his belief that all investment deserves its return. Forced to take his talent to the subways of New York knowing that he could make quick money to put a roof over his son’s head. His first experience was living in a hotel where he had to come up with $6,500/month for a single room. He worked everyday to pay for the hotel, food and clothing while saving to move out of the hotel. Once he realized that a deposit in NYC is as much as a down payment on a house he stacked and bought a house.
Now as a home owner realizing that landlords and hotels are price gauging their properties people can barely pay for accommodation or the cost of living.
Bast feels that no child should be homeless and going to school, no child should have to wash their clothes in school. Everyone should have a place to call home.
The HAUS HUMANITY initiative is to ensure all humans have the basic right to housing.