Alan Bolton x Not Fungible

Chronicles: 2020 - The Halving

Alan Bolton is an Irish mixed media digital artist living in Tenerife, Spain. A multidisciplinary creator, Bolton’s work is not defined by one form and includes photography, videography, graphic design, 3D art, augmented reality, digital collage and more. Bolton has built a strong following within the art community with his surreal and abstract 3D art. His work has been exhibited in galleries in Los Angeles, Canada, the UK, and the Beijing Contemporary Art Show 2022.

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For this drop, Alan Bolton joins forces with Not Fungible for its ongoing Chronicles series, which tells the story of cryptocurrency through exquisitely crafted NFTs. Almost a year in the making, The Halving is centered on an abstract Bitcoin mining rig (based on an Antminer S19 Pro) and set in a surreal environment. Conceptually focused on the Bitcoin halving and the year 2020, there are easter egg elements around the rig based on extensive research and especially intended for crypto enthusiasts to find. Audio from news reports and other media were exhaustively sourced, sampled, and mixed to complete the work. Sound on!

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Enjoy the history of this wonderful series!


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