Spiral of Time

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In the spiral of time:
Childhood was so fleeting:
Decades contract. Yet, as I contemplate:
The richness of my life:
The perception:
Expands. ~Ally.

Ephemeral art: Featuring the 11:11, handmade rice paper square basket, crepe myrtle flowers, citrine and quartz crystals, worn shells and cookatoo feathers.

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Indrani Mitra

I just love those shells - do you collect them yourself ?
Your words got me thinking - as I grow older I try to remember my childhood and someones am taken aback when I try to but dont clearly remember things and also by the rich experiences that I have had. I dont think they were planned - they just happened . I think that perception of richness is more personal - what as a soul we gain from it and how we carry it forward .

Alison Lee Cousland

These shells were given to me by a friend Indrani. I went to a beach about a year ago where there were literally tens of thousands, maybe millions of similar ancient shells. I would have loved to have brought some home with me but the area is a national marine reserve, because of the significance it had/has to our indigenous community and the ancient middens (meeting/gathering places) there. Apart from that I intuitively felt that it was very much a sacred area and nothing should be taken away.

I did make a few small ephemeral circles there, and then placed the shells back where I'd found them. I had to work and photograph SO quickly, as the evening was quickly approaching. Want to go back and work there again as I didn't know the FULL significance of the place at the time I was there.

Alison Lee Cousland

I can only remember snippet's of my childhood too Indrani. Trying to remember doesn't seem to jolt my memory but occasionally something or someone will remind me of an event or situation I played a part in.

Yes, how we view our life and our perception of 'richness/fullness' is very personal. I see myriads of 'mistakes' and 'poor choices' I've made that led me to do things I otherwise may not have done. So now in retrospect I can see that there were no 'mistakes' ~ And that everything in my life has been enriched by whatever has come into my life: The good, the bad and the ugly. And hopefully my soul has gained new knowledge and understanding from all these insights, experiences and feelings. Thank you so much for your inspiring comment Indrani.


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