I'm a professional high stakes poker player turned digital entrepreneur and keynote speaker, who shares how the lessons he learned from poker can be applied to life and business.

In 2017, I founded Conscious Poker, a popular poker training platform, and after spending the last 14 years traveling the world playing poker, I now share insights in which I dissects the anatomy of decision making to help others hone the way they make choices.

I tackle subjects such as: the role of luck in life, evaluating risk, maintaining a positive mindset, strengthening mental fortitude, handling adversity and setbacks, managing one's bankroll and cultivating self-awareness.

When I'm not playing or coaching poker, I enjoy wellness, exercise, meditation, learning something new and most recently, collecting digital art :)

Learn more:
Poker Training Site: www.consciouspoker.com
Personal Site: www.alectorelli.com