Inspired from a famous anime series, The Pillar of the 5 Senses TANJINA-MEZ is a demon slayer who has a unique ability of maintaining an androgynous physique through his breathing style. His breathing creates a stimuli that constricts his blood vessels, this causes his muscles to atrophy(shrink). He does this so that he can look feminine-like, making him look like a susceptible prey for demons. He is a perfect personification of "a wolf under a sheep's clothing". Despite his delicate appearance, he's as agile as an antelope and he has herculean strength. TANJINA-MEZ carries with him his weapons to aid him in hunting demons, MAMASE & MAMASA: A pair of fans that has razor sharp edges which can be attached together to disguise as a large parasol hat. MAMASA-MASA: a modified staff that has a crescent blade on one end and a blunt studded club on the other. This is quite heavy but TANJINA-MEZ carries it with ease due to his unimaginable strength.