Organic Metaverse

Escape... into personal explorations of Nature... the Organic Metaverse, already existing, right beneath your eyes.... (re-)discover Nature... this 'open-world' game of Life... Become lost and changed... upscaled, miniaturised... in a slower time... for the simulations of it will come... eternal imitations, in new or old, ever-exciting, super and strange, renditions... We are all a part of it, depend upon it, and it is greater than we can ever be.... Read the hints, play the game, and let's get back to the Source... For 'there are more things in Heaven and Earth, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.' (Note for collectors: This collection continues on Opensea. Brave collectors of Ethereum-based items will be sent extra PolygonNFTs from the secondary collection on Opensea: by way of thank-you. Extra note: I am also a keen grower and enjoy supporting earth charities such as WWF and rewilding/permaculture projects. I look forward to the Merge and a more eco-friendly Ethereum asap).