'Artist' is a broad term. I think I prefer 'visual communicator': Pictures often have the power to highlight a subject better than the written word.

Life... is a chaotic struggle of meaning, doubt, cultural selection, void, gimmick... a voyage of discovery and influence. You should make art how and when you want, communicating or celebrating things. To me, Nature rules... within and without.

On here I've selected pieces to turn into special editions, limited or rare collectibles. I hope some of them shed some light, or hold some kind of meaning.

Mostly I find things I want to express about: Nature, evolution, the elements, change... where we keep gaining new understanding about Life, and Death.

But also, exploring... dreams, reality & fantasy (pop art style), mind & body... games & gaming, new technology, crypto... ancient or timeless things... 'permaculture'....

Some of my output is available across connected NFT marketplaces: Opensea (numerous collections), Rarible, and a few on BNB Chain. You can follow my website for updates and links.

I'm from the UK, based in France, with a blog at Ade's Press [adespress.blog].

A note about 'rarity':
Some of these works may exist in other contexts elsewhere online, but all files here are either the original, special or largest versions, which I hope to preserve. (Due to my process I wish I could offer higher resolution in many cases but am restrained by apps etc.)
Next point: I may publish different versions of a rare image, either into a different format (such as a static image, or video mp4) or with an alteration which, to me, changes the image in a small but vital way (to me). So these will be 'new' versions even though they might feel very similar. This may also reduce the rarity value of a purchase, but in fact the reason is this: I may still be experimenting or expanding on an idea, or wish to see an image in a different format, context or light.

Mediums I use / have used are diverse. Why be constrained? Illustration (pencil and digital), ink, photography / photo-art, word art+poetry, abstract art, music... I'm even starting to experiment in VR with Tilt Brush etc. occasionally.

I can return to the feel and power of a simple pencil, laptop stylus or can spend just as much time adjusting an after-effect in some mobile app, to enhance some sort of final aspect or message.

I'm a keen gardener/grower and supporter of Earth charities and rewilding/permaculture movements. Looking forward to the Merge and a more eco-friendly Ethereum!