Adam Tubak was born in Vienna in 1985, started to be obsessed with Animation and CGI through watching the "1990 Prix Ars Electronica" which lead him to experiment with stop-motion animation and later on to play around with the very early versions of Cinema 4D. Fast forward to the present day; Adam is now an Art Director at the Viennese digital advertising agency Tunnel23, which he helped become the company it is today. For the past 11 years, he has successfully worked as head of Animation on numerous award-winning campaigns for clients like T-Mobile, Mazda, Ikea, Opel, or BMW just to name a few.

Driven by curiosity, he never gave up on his personal projects and his love for art and still spends endless nights creating, learning, and mastering his craft. He also teamed up with his parents, two contemporary light artists, whose work spans half a century. Together they create light-installations that were exhibited across various galleries in Europe.

No matter what project he is working on, and if it is for a Client or something personal, there is one thing that drives him more than anything else:
His longing to create worlds!​