Heroines – Weight Of The World

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"At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can." – Frida Kahlo

Coloring by Sarah Perryman.

Music by Matermanto

Additional Details:
  • 3840 x 2490 px, Video (60.1 MB)
  • This is a signed and limited edition digital creation.
    What does this mean?



888, you are the GOAT!

I'm selling my collection and will do it through makersplace so I support the artists in the process.

Shoot me a DM if you are interested. I have some real gems in the collection.

My info is on my ABOUT page.



Hello ARTcrytoT, yes you will not get any delivery at your door step, after purchasing a NFT. this is all digital ownership, true value/use will come when VR and AR become mainstream. people will want to see digital all, possibilities are endless.

imagine going to decentralised land and you sell digital T-shirts with your digital artwork, or you lease your art to digital art galleries.


Just to be claear, Im new at this. There isnt any physical product been delivered upan pruchase of this digital work? I saw beeple send a nice product to a client after his purchase. Is that not common?


Brilliant, we are big fans of WW and this collection is fantastic!

Paul Tysoe

I'm new to nft art work. (Only have one Delbo I my collection )
But my age and generation means I feel im on the cusp of old school and new age. Josè and his collaborators make these two times intertwine through the artwork.
I can really relate.
Thanks for bringing the brilliance of our art and cultural history into the modern world via this fantastic platform. Here hoping for my next Delbo to add to my collection.

Current highest offer: Ξ 0.03200 ($68.47). View recent offers.