I was born in Montreal, Quebec but we often got evicted for being unable to pay rent, so I've moved dozens of times all over Canada, as well as Mexico, where I'm planning to move back to and build a studio soon. In middle and high school I studied Computer Science, Computer Architecture and Robotics at an AP level before becoming homeless and dropping out in my last year. I became bored of the over saturated computer science market, and was desperate for money to support myself, so I began pursuing and achieving success in an advertising career.

It's incredibly boring though, I learned Computer Science to build autonomous robots that could turn mountains into palaces, or control 3D displays based on a closed matrix of robotic polygons I designed, but advertising doesn't give me that same passion. So I've decided to dip my toes into comp sci again in my free time, but instead of doing boring online classes or reading textbooks like I used to, I've decided to teach myself the principles of artificial intelligence, advanced neural networks and general object oriented programming skills through art projects.

I've been playing with and working on all sorts of visual libraries, throwing in thousands of images a day just to see what works. When I started out only one in a thousand where bearable to look at, but from those ones I figured out what worked and why, and over time I've managed to figure out a bunch of abstract methodologies and approaches to making visually appealing art using algorithms and digital processing techniques.

The difference between me and a random art generating AI robot, is that I use algorithms as an artistic medium to express my creativity, where as AI currently has no creativity mechanism, they approach art from a replicatory stand point instead of attempting to emulate creativity. So far there is no digital replacement for creativity, although I have a few theories on how you might be able to emulate it.