Miss Me Yet - President Barack Obama x Anna Wilding

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This piece "Obama, MISS ME YET " is the first ever authentic President Obama photographic NFT ever minted . It first minted on Super Rare on April 18 2021 and was accidentally deleted (by a member of the team ) and so now as of today July 20 2021 it … (read more)

This piece "Obama, MISS ME YET " is the first ever authentic President Obama photographic NFT ever minted . It first minted on Super Rare on April 18 2021 and was accidentally deleted (by a member of the team ) and so now as of today July 20 2021 it is here on Makers Place. I believe the provenance of each piece of art , is important. I put a lot of time and care go into making them., and releasing them. This piece, again, took years given I have worked with it since 2015.

It is based on my work from the White House, and formed part of my Celebrate Hope Obama collection real life art gallery exhibit . Miss Me Yet is a pop culture piece that went viral in 2017 . I bought on board to this particular piece, my collaborator Klarens, and musician S-Wrap . S-Wrap, from Nashville, wrote the original rap "Pinnacle" especially for this piece. I am donating a percentage to charity

A bit more in general about this Obama Collection including the pieces from Mesmerize :

" A sumptuous NFT evolution of Anna Wilding‘s iconic Presidential photographs of the East and West Wing .These Obama pieces -embrace and create a journey through history and pop culture and the world today comprised of multiple mediums bound and threaded by the transformative age of digital art. A percentage will be donated to charity.

MORE ABOUT THE DIGITAL ART DROP  : The first ever authentic photographic NFT drop of President Barack Obama, former First Lady Michelle Obama, and President Joe Biden - Anna Wilding – award winning filmmaker, credentialed independent exhibiting White House Photographer and Correspondent, and her collaborator,  bring you the first NFT’s of President Barak Obama, President Joe Biden and former First Lady Michelle Obama. This is also the first ever NFT of a seated President. Ms Wilding owns outright the IP to all her East and West Wing White House work- free and clear, making this unique drop possible.

Ms Wilding was based at the White House daily 2015-2017. This is also an historic first ever NFT drop for Ms Wilding.  Anna Wilding’s solo photography exhibit Celebrate Hope the Obama Collection played for month long exhibits in multiple physical galleries in United States and were attended by thousands. Anna’s limited edition fine art prints of the Obama White House hang in private and institutional collections and have been seen in magazines and newspapers worldwide. Anna’s stunning and exquisite photos of Mrs Obama even appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live TV show. Images such as “Miss Me Yet?” have gone globally viral and were released a few months after the new administration took office over 2017-2018. 

Anna Wilding’s images capture the dignity and humanity of the Obama Presidency and bring the viewer inside the walls of White House with vibrant intimacy in a way that no other photographer has mastered. Anna’s work combines classical elements and pop culture. Anna’s photographs express the hope and dignity we all care for in the highest Office of the land. Known for her unique take, and exquisite framing ,composition and use of light, Wilding’s photographs are often compared to the work of great painters.

Acclaimed cinematographer Woody Omens, A.S.C said “I call it “Obama classicism” after the great masters, Raphael and Leonardo Da Vinci.” Her works are cited as “iconic” for both her work on screen and behind the lens as a director, photographer, writer, producer and actress/comedian in music videos, feature films, television and photography.  “When I went to the White House, the racism against the Obama’s and Mrs Obama in particular on the internet was so bad. I thought if I could nudge the axis just a bit and present the Obama’s in a more relatable light- meaning in a way that captured their style, grace, and dignity and in a way that also embraced pop culture, then maybe it would have impact. And it did. Even, later on, when I showed my work in a very conservative area, people from all walks of life came, laughed and cried during the walk throughs. Gallery visitors had a greater understanding of the Obama’s and indeed of humanity in a larger context, not to say an intimate glimpse into the people’s House.”

“ Stylistically, my work since an early age has involved specific and and pointed use of color and strong black and white images. I grew up printing my own black and white work in darkrooms by hand so I have a good understanding of the nature of black and white photography. I love color, and my music videos and films use that strongly too.

Klarens also loves color and knows how to use it as well , so it was great to bring him on board for this piece.

I see NFT’s, if handled right, as an ability to evolve an artists work beyond the original scope. That is what excites me anyway. I actually helped pioneer some pretty interesting music videos editing techniques through my use of black and white and colour. I love pushing the boundaries of tech creatively. That’s why I loved doing some pioneering work with virtual reality – two decades ago before we know it as Occulus now.”
Another subtext in Anna’s work has been racism and our own shared humanity . In addition Anna adds “all my work whether film, or television or music videos have dealt with the subtext of racism. Racism and systemic racism is not only repugnant and makes me angry but it so unnecessary and even from a practical level look how much time and energy it wastes.

“What a gem of an exhibit this is. Anna Wilding’s candid images of Michelle and Barack Obama are truly memorable – Especially the image entitled ‘Flirting’.” – Adrienne Barbeau (Maude)“

The President Obama Celebrate Hope exhibit is a salute to the human spirit, an inspiration to be the best that you can be.” – Anson Williams (Happy Days and BoGoList.com Founder)“Anna’s Obama Images make me think … I call it
‘OBAMA CLASSICISM” after the great masters … Raphael and Leonardo DaVinci.”—Presidents Award Winner, Sherwood “Woody” Omens A.S.C.

“Celebrating the stunning photography of The Obama White House by acclaimed filmmaker and photographer Anna Wilding, She absolutely captured the energy of an era of class, dignity, hope and glory. A must see exhibit!!!” – Geri Jewell (Deadwood/Facts of Life)
“Please check out The President Obama Celebrate Hope exhibit. Anna (Wilding) is kindred spirit and her exquisite photography made me hunger for the Obama White House….the people’s house…. where intelligence, eloquence, integrity and knowledge flowed….and a family that symbolized the true values of our country at its best…with compassion, hope and kindness. We really need to focus on the love and CELEBRATE HOPE if we are going to save the country.” -Roslyn Kind

Anna Wilding has has been cited as “iconic” for both her work on screen and the lens as a director, photographer, writer, producer and actress/comedian. After Wilding moved to Washington DC, she became immersed at the White House. Ms Wilding is now based in Los Angeles and New York.

Additional Details:
  • 5000 x 5000 px, Video (42.2 MB)
  • This is a signed and limited edition digital creation.
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